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At The Pollock Firm LLC, we understand the need for effective and advance planning to provide security for the future of your special needs family members. Creating an inheritance plan which does not adversely affect a person’s eligibility for government benefits is crucial. The Pollock Firm LLC has experience drafting both special needs trusts and supplemental needs trusts as well as appearing before the court in guardianship matters.

We work with knowledgeable advisors to ensure that your loved one’s finances are protected and preserved. Additionally, we work with geriatric care managers and registered nurses to ensure that the trustee of such trusts are provided with the proper medical guidance.

Special Needs Planning services that are available to clients include:

Preparation of Third Party Special Needs Trusts

Trusts set up usually by a parent or grandparent for the benefit of a special needs child so that the child will not lose government benefits. These trusts are also known as Supplemental Needs Trusts.

Preparation of Self-Settled Special Needs Trusts

Trusts set up by an individual who is receiving government benefits, usually as the result of an inheritance or personal injury award, and designed so that the individual can continue to receive the government benefits. These trusts are also known as First Party Special Needs Trusts.

Special Needs Trust Administration

Assistance in the Administration of all special needs trusts, including tax returns for such trusts.

Guardianship for the special needs person

Once a person becomes 18 years of age, a parent can no longer legally act on behalf of another. In order to have legal authority to make decisions for a special needs child over the age of 18, a parent will need to become the legal guardian of such child.

Working with other specialists to ensure that our special needs clients receive the government and charitable benefits that they are entitled to.

Kevin Pollock is the estate lawyer in charge of the firm’s Special Needs Trust Department.

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