International Estate Planning

International Estate Planning

The attorneys at The Pollock Firm LLC frequently counsel clients with respect to their international estate planning needs. 

We live in a mobile society and many clients assets around the world.  To meet that need, we understand that comprehensive estate planning must be done on both a domestic level and an international level. 

Comprehensive international estate planning will usually include business planning and tax planning.

A frequent part of an international estate plan includes trust planning.  This may include a life insurance trust, offshore asset protection trust, or a pre-immigration trust.  We can also create a simple trust to hold business or real estate interests. 

Moreover, the United States has estate tax treaties with some countries.  Accordingly, an international estate plan will frequently involve creating businesses in foreign countries to minimize taxes

We can represent clients who live in America but have assets abroad as well as foreign clients with family or business interests in the United States. Specifically, our law firm has counseled clients with business interests in Japan, England, India, China, and Australia along with clients that have heirs and real estate all around the world.

Attorney Kevin A. Pollock is one of only a few estate planning attorneys licensed in the United States who speaks Japanese.

Kevin has worked with numerous Japanese clientele to coordinate their international estate plans.  Since the United States has a federal estate tax and Japan has inheritance tax, it often takes significant planning to minimize the taxes.

Attorneys at The Pollock Firm LLC  are also available to assist with International Probate matters. 

In the past, we have helped the families of American clients who had a relative die while living overseas and we have also assisted with estate administrations of foreign nationals who died while residing in America.  To assist clients with international probate matters, we have attorneys and other staff members who speak Japanese, Spanish, and French.

We are only able to practice law in the jurisdictions in which we are licensed.  However, we are able to work with lawyers and accountants around the world to coordinate an effective international estate plan.

For more information on International Estate Planning and International Tax Planning, please visit my blog: Kevin A. Pollock BLAWG

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