Is NJ finally going to repeal the Estate Tax and the Inheritance Tax?

Repealing NJ Estate Tax

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I tend not to get too excited about any legislation until it is actually signed, but there is a fair amount of rumbling from both Republicans and Democrats about repealing the NJ Estate Tax.  The NJ Transportation Trust fund is running out of money, and Governor Christie has refused to sign any deal to increase the tax on gasoline without a corresponding tax cut somewhere else.

According to various sources, including this article on, lawmakers are close to finalizing a deal to raise the gas tax by $0.23/gallon in exchange for a 4-5 year phaseout both NJ’s estate tax and inheritance tax.

Part of the proposed deal would also include a reduction on income tax on retirement money for people earning less than $100,000, an increase in the tax credit for the working poor and an increase in the deduction for charitable gifting.

It is important to note that they are trying to get a deal together by the end of the month to fund the Transportation Trust Fund.   Despite support from both Republican and Democratic senate members, a Chris Christie veto is expected (presumably because he does not think it cuts enough taxes)… that’s why I’ll believe a deal when I see it.

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