Non Residents of Pennsylvania Can Be Subject to Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax

Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax

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I frequently get calls from individuals who had a relative pass away with property located in Pennsylvania. Even though the decedent lived somewhere besides Pennsylvania, you should be aware that Pennsylvania reserves the right to tax this property on the death of the owner via an inheritance tax.

This tax will apply whether the decedeånt owned the property outright or in a revocable trust. Moreover, it does not matter where the beneficiaries live.  However, the tax rate for the Pennsylvania inheritance tax is based upon who receives the property.  So, there will not be a tax if the property is left to a surviving spouse or a charity, but there will be a 4.5% tax if it is left to children.

There are ways to minimize or avoid this tax completely, but often it can come at the cost of paying more in capital gains tax.  If you are a non-resident owner of Pennsylvania real estate, I strongly suggest you meet with an estate planning attorney on how to minimize the taxes on your death.

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