Notification of Death of a Loved One

Notification of Death of the loved one | The Pollock Firm

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New Jersey recently passed a new law

It requires senior citizen housing developments to notify the next of kin in the event that a resident passes away in the development.  See

You would think that most organizations would have procedures in place for sort of thing. But it is actually a fairly common occurrence that families are not notified immediately when a loved one dies, goes to the hospital or is injured.  Accordingly, it is best for each family to make sure that if you are moving a loved one into a facility of any kind that you determine what policies and procedures the facility has in place to notify emergency contacts.

The facility should be able to recognize that when health emergencies take place, it is often important to notify a different one set of people and that if there is a death or other type of emergency, a different set of people should be notified.  Ideally, whatever facility or organization you work with can build a custom plan and contact tree that meets your needs.

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