NJ Aid in Dying Law Goes Into Effect

NJ Aid in Dying Law

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New Jersey’s Aid in Dying law is officially allowed to go into effect.

Last week I posted how a Mercer County judge temporarily halted the NJ Aid in Dying law from going into effect.  However, yesterday, that ruling was overturned by a New Jersey Appellate Court, and shortly thereafter, the New Jersey Supreme Court denied a petition for any further ruling on the matter.

The rulings by the NJ Appellate Court and the NJ Supreme Court mean that adult New Jersey residents, who have the capacity to make health care decisions and who have been determined by their attending and consulting physicians to be terminally ill, may obtain medication that the patient may self-administer to end their own the life.

New Jersey has established website to provide forms to doctors and patients pursuant to the Medical Aid in Dying Act.  The website can be found at: https://www.state.nj.us/health/advancedirective/maid/#3.

The procedures for complying with the NJ Aid in Dying law are not simple.

The New Jersey website also answers frequently asked questions regarding the new law. ”  See: https://www.state.nj.us/health/advancedirective/documents/maid/MAID_FAQ.pdf

The FAQs section of the website includes answers to questions such as how the cause of death will be listed or how to deal with providers do not wish to participate.

New Jersey is now the eighth state to legalize doctor assisted suicide.

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