New York Statutory Power of Attorney

New York Statutory Power of Attorney

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If you recall, I wrote an article back in 2009 that the New York legislature changed the requirements for the New York Power of Attorney form.

Looking around online today I noticed that most of the free New York Statutory Power of Attorney forms that are available online are WRONG. They are either old forms or do not include the Major Gifts Rider. This includes the New York State Bar Association form which appears on many government web sites.

Do not forget, if you want to make Major Gifts (defined by New York as gifts in excess of $500 per person per year under NY GOB LAW Section 5-1502I(14)), you must complete the separate Major Gifts Rider. Additionally, although the NY Power of Attorney form does not require any witnesses, the Major Gift Rider does. Both must be notarized – so be careful out there.

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