Follow up to Articles on Expatriation


The New York Times had an interesting article online today about how more and more people are giving up their citizenship. It did not surprise me that many give up their citizenship to save money on income taxes. However, I was surprised to learn that the Patriot Act is also partly to blame. Apparently, the […]

Income Tax Consequences of Expatriation

Income Tax Consequences of Expatriation

In this down economy, many companies are laying off employees. While this could be deeply troubling for those who get laid off, imagine if you were also subject to a huge income tax penalty as a result. This could be happening to you now if you are a permanent resident alien who decides to leave […]

Is there a Federal Inheritance Tax?

Federal Inheritance Tax

It’s true. Most people think that the United States only has a federal estate tax (and yes, I know that technically there is no federal estate tax for 2010). However, the United States also has an inheritance tax that taxes certain inheritances that are received by United States citizens and permanent resident aliens if the […]