Estate Administration and Bad Credit

Estate Administration and Bad Credit

Everybody knows that good credit is important for receiving favorable financing terms when buying a car or a house. Let me give you another reason to keep your credit up: the ability to act as administrator of the estate of parent or loved one.

When a person passes away without a Will, the closest next of kin can petition the Court to act as Administrator for the decedent’s estate. The Court will usually agree to let the next of kin act as Administrator provided that they agree to pay for a Probate Bond. A Probate Bond is basically an insurance policy that insures provides the intestate beneficiaries and creditors of the estate with a way to receive some money in the event the Administrator absconds with the funds.

The Court will require a probate bond in almost all situations in which the decedent dies without a Will. A person can only qualify for a Probate Bond if he or she has good credit or significant assets to their name.

Obviously, the way to avoid this situation is to make sure your parents and loved ones prepare a Will which states that no bond is required. However, you find that you are involved in an estate administration in which the decedent did not prepare a Will, before you spend a lot of money trying to qualify as an Administrator, Executor or Trustee, make sure you have good credit.

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