Choosing an Attorney to Help Probate an Estate

Choosing an Attorney to Help Probate an Estate

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Did you know that if you are an executor or personal representative of an estate that you do not have to hire the attorney that drafted the Will to handle the probate of the estate?

Many times, attorneys will do a simple will as a favor to a neighbor or relative. This is all fine and dandy as long as all that is needed is a simply Will.

However, frequently, many tax forms must be filed when administering an estate and clients need advise on when NOT to accept money.

A good attorney should also be able to act as the “bad guy” when an executor must deliver bad news to the beneficiaries. An attorney that does not focus on estate administration may not be able to help.

I’m often amazed at the number of times that I meet with a client who was unhappy with the attorney that administered a parent’s estate. I ask why they didn’t switch and I am told that they did not realize they could.

Remember this – you always have the choice of who you wish to represent you. It may not be cost efficient to change if you are too far along, but you always have the right to change.

My best advise is that before you start the process of estate planning or estate administration, make sure you hire someone who practices frequently in the field. You are far less likely to encounter problems.

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