The Basics of ILITs

Nice Article on the Basics of ILITs

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A colleague of mine, David Saltzman, has written a nice article on the Basics of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts.  As he points out, setting up a life insurance trust is a great way to minimize your estate tax liability and it can be especially important in New Jersey. Dave is a great resource and knows […]

NJ Estate Tax (Case Study $2M)

NJ Estate Tax (Case Study $2M)

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In New Jersey, tax planning and estate planning can be very important.  I’d like to show you a good representation of what a plan can do for a married couple with $2,000,000 in assets.  Let’s assume that the couple has $800,000 of life insurance, a house worth $400,000, retirement accounts of $200,000, brokerage assets of $350,000, and […]