Special Needs Trusts Supplemental Needs Trusts

Understanding the Differences Between Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts

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“Special Needs Trusts” and “Supplemental Needs Trusts” are terms to describe trusts designed to provide benefits to a person in a way that will preserve the public benefits that he or she is entitled to receive. These types of trusts are most commonly created when a person has some sort of special needs or disability.  […]

Best Place To Die (From An Estate And Inheritance Tax Perspective)

The Best Place To Die (From An Estate And Inheritance Tax Perspective)

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Best place to die Several years ago, I wrote a few articles comparing the tax consequences of dying in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida.  Now that New Jersey has amended its estate tax laws, I thought I should write another post for 2017 regarding the best place to die. I will write this […]

NJ Tax Repeal How Does This Affect you

NJ Estate Tax Repeal: How Does This Affect You?

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It’s official.  According to NJ.com, Governor Christopher Christie has signed a bill to repeal the New Jersey Estate Tax.  The new law is part of a larger package deal that increases the gas tax, reduces the sales tax slightly, gives the working poor a larger tax credit, gives a tax cut on retirement income and gives a tax […]