Trusts for children

Most Common Types of Trusts for Children

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When clients meet with an estate planning attorney, one of the biggest concerns that people have is that they do not want their children to receive too much money too early. Accordingly, they want to set up a trust for their children.  This is true even if the children do not have special needs or […]

Joint Trusts

Joint Trusts – A Great Planning Opportunity for Non-Traditional Couples and Blended Families

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Creating an estate plan for clients who are in non-traditional relationships or are part of a blended family can be very tricky. Why is Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Couples So Tricky? Let’s assume a hypothetical fact situation where you have a women (Jane) with $4M in assets.  She is a widow and has 2 children.  […]

Create pet trust

You Can Create a Pet Trust – Just Like the One For Choupette

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According to multiple news sources, when the creative director and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died on February 19, 2019, he left his famous cat, Choupette, a significant amount of money in trust. Pet trusts are now quite common, and specifically authorized by statute in most jurisdictions.  Many people consider pets as a part of the family, and want them […]