Elizabeth Ketterson Interview

Interview with Get Real! | The Pollock Firm LLC

We are proud to announce that Elizabeth Ketterson, Esq. has been featured on “Get Real!” with Meg Hanington and Genevieve E. Thayer. “Get Real!” is a program that focuses on various topics related to business and finance. The complete Elizabeth Ketterson interview can be found at: https://rvntelevision.com/episode/getreal-with-elizabeth-ketterson-esq/. The focus of Elizabeth’s interview on “Get Real!” […]

A Guide to Trusts for Children

Trusts for children

When clients meet with an estate planning attorney, one of the biggest concerns that people have is that they do not want their children to receive too much money too early. Accordingly, they want to set up a trust for their children.  This is true even if the children do not have special needs or […]

Estate Planning and Trusts – Should I put all my assets into a Trust?

Estate planning and trusts

I am happy to announce that we have completed our fourth video on Wills, Trusts & Estates.  In this clip, Kevin A. Pollock, Esq., LLM, the head of the estate planning and estate tax department, is being interviewed by Pierson W. Backes, Esq., regarding whether you should put all of your assets into a trust.   Part […]