Japanese Inheritance Tax vs. US Estate Tax (2014 Update)

Japanese inheritance tax

BRIEF OVERVIEW OFJAPANESE INHERITANCE AND GIFT TAXESvs.AMERICAN ESTATE AND GIFT TAXES (2014 Update) I. Estate Taxes A. America 1. If the Decedent is a Citizen or Permanent Resident Tax on Worldwide property (credit for taxes paid to foreign countries) Exemption of $5,340,000 in 2014 (indexed for inflation). For married couples, the exemption amount is $10,680,000 […]

Deathbed Transfers in New Jersey

Deathbed Transfers in New Jersey

Often times, a person who is on his or her deathbed will make gifts to family members in an effort to reduce the potential taxes owed. For transfers to anyone other than a charity, making gifts in a way that minimizes taxes is actually a very complex process. In deciding whether to make a gift, […]

The “Gift” of Health Insurance

The Gift of Health Insurance

I frequently come across clients who want to help their children financially, but they do not want to give them money directly. There are numerous ways to do this, including: gifting an interest in a limited liability entity (such as an LLC, an S-Corp or a limited partnership); making gifts to a child via a […]