Notification of Death of a Loved One

Notification of Death of the loved one

New Jersey recently passed a new law It requires senior citizen housing developments to notify the next of kin in the event that a resident passes away in the development.  See You would think that most organizations would have procedures in place for sort of thing. But it is actually a fairly common occurrence that […]

When Should I Write a Will?

Estate Plan

Many people question when they should start their estate planning. The short answer to this is that there is no specific age someone should see an attorney to plan their Will, Financial Power of Attorney and Advance Directive for Healthcare. However, you do need to be a minimum of 18 years of age. If you know […]

Checking in with Your Relatives

Checking in with Your Relatives

I was talking to an elder care coach that I know by the name of Thomas P. Callahan, and we started talking about our holiday plans. One interesting item that came up was how busy he tends to get right after the holidays. During this time of year, children return home to visit their elderly […]

Special Needs Planning in NJ – Part 3 of 4

Estate Planning for A Special Needs Child

Estate Planning for A Special Needs Child In Part III of this Series, I want to discuss estate planning issues for parents of a special needs child. A typical estate plan for parents without a special needs child includes: Will; Financial Power Of Attorney; Health Care Power of Attorney; Advanced Health Care Directive; and Naming […]