NJ Has Finally Released 2017 Estate Tax Return and Calculator

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As I know many of you have been waiting anxiously, I wanted to make sure that you are aware that the New Jersey Division of Taxation has finally released the 2017 Estate Tax Return form.  They have also released an estate tax calculator so that we can accurately prepare the return.  The NJ 2017 Estate Tax Calculator can be downloaded from the NJ Department of Treasury website.

The New Jersey Estate Tax Calculator is important because the new estate tax law was crafted with a slight flaw in it because it has a circular calculation.  (This means the tax can’t be calculated without reference to the tax, which in effect, changes the tax, over and over again.) For example, if you were to look at the statute, you may think that if you had an estate of $2,001,000, the estate would be taxed at 7.2% on the $1,000 that you were over the $2M threshhold.  This is not true.  According to the calculator, the tax is $66.82, not $72.  As the numbers get higher, this obviously becomes more important.

Anyway, the good news is that if you are an executor, administrator or involved in an estate of someone who passed away in 2017, you can now start the process of filing a New Jersey estate tax return.

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